Planning a trail

How to Sync HiiKER with Garmin Connect

“Learn how to sync HiiKER with Garmin Connect with our easy step-by-step guide. Enhance your hiking experience by seamlessly integrating activities and routes between HiiKER and Garmin.”

Waypoints on HiiKER

Welcome to HiiKER Waypoints! We have developed Waypoints to easily mark custom locations on your HiiKER maps to help navigate on future hikes! Whether it’s a meeting place, camp location or picnic spot, quickly add it and have it ready offline while on the trail! Create a Waypoint Show or hide all waypoints List all […]

Plan a custom trail

Step 1 Want to follow you own path off the beaten track? Create your own plan with the HiiKER route planner. Head to the map page and tap the “+” icon to open the action menu. Step 2 From the action menu, you can plan a route in 3 different ways, Select “Plan a hike” […]

Accommodation and Amenities on trail

Option 1 – Step 1 Find the trail you want to view accommodation and amenities on. From the trail overview page, scroll the top tabs across and click the amenities option.                                   Option 1 – Step 2 From here […]

Import Trail GPX File

Step 1 From the Map page, tap the “OPTIONS” button to open the action menu. Step 2 From the action menu, select the “Import a GPX option” Step 3 Select the GPX file you wish to import from your device files and it will populate an editable trail into the HiiKER planner. Step 4 You […]

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