Verison of the app no longer supported

At HiiKER, we’re continuously working to improve your app experience through regular updates. Occasionally, these updates include significant changes to the app’s fundamental systems. When such updates are released, they may cause previous versions of the app to stop functioning correctly. If you encounter a message stating, “You are using a version of the app […]

Battery Optimisation on Android

Recording a hike on HiiKER works by storing your location at particular intervals throughout your hike and creating a polyline that displays your progress. The process runs as a background task as you hike and can every continue to work while have your phone locked. We have experienced some issues on some Android devices, where […]

Clear app cache

Clearing the app cache can help to resolve some issues with the app, for example if it gets some corrupt data. If you are having a problem, reach out to support and they may suggest trying to clear your cache. This guide will help with that: Step 1 Go to your profile by tapping on the profile […]

Finding your User ID

Step 1 If you need to find your HiiKER user id for customer support reasons you can find it at the bottom of the settings page. Tap the number to quickly copy it for pasting elsewhere.

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