Using the app

Donate to a Trail organisation

Step 1 Support rail maintenance and development is very important to us. So we are making trail donations simple on HiiKER. Head to the trail overview page of the trail you wish to donate to and tap the “Donate to this trail” icon. This will direct you to the donation link managed by the trail […]

Record your hike

Step 1 There are multiple ways to record a hike with the HiiKER app. Once you’re ready to start tracking, click on the record tab in the navigation to view the options. Option 1 The first option in the list is to start a recording without a route to follow. By doing this we allow you […]

Plan a custom trail

Step 1 Want to follow you own path off the beaten track? Create your own plan with the HiiKER route planner. Head to the map page and tap the “+” icon to open the action menu. Step 2 From the action menu, you can plan a route in 3 different ways, Select “Plan a hike” […]

HiiKER maps

Switching map styles is easy on HiiKER, but there’s more to it than you might think! Step-by-Step Guide to switching and Using Maps on HiiKER   1. Access the Map Styles Menu Navigate to the map view of a trail you’re interested in or any map screen within the app. Look for the map styles […]

Searching for a Trail

Step 1 Our search map offers a live filtering system to find the perfect trail. One option is to simply move around the map to the location you want to hike. The numbers indicate a cluster of hikes in that area, so zoom in or tap on a cluster to see the individual hikes.   […]

Sharing a trail

Option 1 Found an interesting trail and want to share it on social media? Or share a link with your friends? Go to the trail overview page of the trail you want to share and click the share icon in the top right of the page. Option 2 From the pop up you can select […]

Accommodation and Amenities on trail

Option 1 – Step 1 Find the trail you want to view accommodation and amenities on. From the trail overview page, scroll the top tabs across and click the amenities option.                                   Option 1 – Step 2 From here […]

Show Location

Step 1 On any map, you can zoom to your location by tapping the location button. Step 2 To use the device’s accelerometer to turn the map in the direction you point your device, double-tap the location button. To return to a normal manual map view, drag to a different area on the map.

Add Comment / Review

Step 1 To view/add trail comments or reviews head over to the trail overview page of your choice. Step 2 Select the reviews option from the top tabs. From here you can view the latest and most popular reviews of this trail. To add a review, click the orange “Add a review” button. Step 3 Give […]

Import Trail GPX File

Step 1 From the Map page, tap the “OPTIONS” button to open the action menu. Step 2 From the action menu, select the “Import a GPX option” Step 3 Select the GPX file you wish to import from your device files and it will populate an editable trail into the HiiKER planner. Step 4 You […]

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